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graphic designer for company brandingWhen building a new business image, you will probably need more than just a logo as your logo will appear in many places. Obviously, there will be the business cards and a website. But you’ll probably want black and white versions for invoices, letterhead and envelopes as well.  You may want to use it on T Shirts or vinyl lettering for your vehicle, so you’ll need the color separations in place for these.

Another thing to think about is whether or not you’ll want to come up with a complete color scheme for your business. Your logo may be the the most noticeable part of your business identity, but it is not the only one.

We have vast experience in all these facets of graphic design and can design and customize all types of corporate branding and advertising. From printed materials and standard graphic design to website graphics and complete branding identities, we’ve got you covered. Business cards and letterhead, to full advertising graphics, we can help to make your business really stand out in the crowd! Whether you’re looking for an elegant menu design, large designs and signage to advertise your business, or just want a nice poster to advertise your band, we’ve got you covered.

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