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We offer a wide range of Web Design Solutions to fit any budget.

Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing Website, or build a brand new one, we can help.
And yes, you will be able to update and edit the site yourself when we’re done!

For a lot of our clients, just a basic web presence with minimum cost will suffice, but we also offer extensive design options for the more complex websites. Perhaps your in need of a large portfolio to showcase your products or works or maybe you’ll need¬† a complete E-Commerce website with shopping cart and full online payment/shipping calculations. From small to large, we are happy to take on any size website.

How We Can Help

From Domain registration and hosting to optimizing your images and writing content, we will work closely with you to get everything just right from start to finish. Customer service is very important to us, and we know that this can be a very confusing project to take on, so we’ll do our best to take a lot of the guess work out of the Website design process. Consider us like a translator, we’ll help you understand what’s going on, so you can make informed decisions you feel good about.

Our Process

We build our websites using the very versatile and stunning WordPress platform. It’s one of the most widely used content management systems in use today, as it’s so user friendly and can easily be edited from any computer with the proper and secure login information. Once we’ve built the website for you and got you up and running, we’ll go over the standard back-end features with you so you will be able to update it and edit it yourself, whenever you like.

How Much Does It Cost?

The question we are asked most often is “How much does a Website cost?” The answer is as complex and varied as there are different styles of websites. Do you need an online portfolio website with numerous high resolution images displayed? Do you need an online E-Commerce website with a shopping cart and links to online payments? Or maybe you just need a simple little website with a bit of basic information and some contact details.

As you can see, it’s not that easy to put a price tag on a website without learning a little more about what you need it to do. We are happy to accommodate any size website with any level of complexity, but naturally, the more hours required to build the website, the higher priced it will be. Likewise, the more basic the website, the less set up time is needed and therefore, the price will be lower.

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